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WhatsaApp IP Look Up Tool

Find The IP Address of a WhatsaApp Account

Enter the WhatsaApp phone number below and we will find its current logged in location. We will provide you the country/city anywhere in the world the account is logged in. Enter phone number without the + sign such as 1 415 5552 671


Find the location of an WhatsaApp account using our tool. We will try to find the IP address of the account and find its logged location using its IP Address. This method works with ipv4 and ipv6.

How to get the location of someone's WhatsaApp account


    1. Enter the full WhatsaApp phone number without the + sign.

    2. Click on the "Search" button.

    3. Wait for the process.

    4. Done!

What you will get from this tool

IPLocate.social is the first IP Locator tool intended for finding the location of a social media user. This tool works with WhatsaApp, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp. More social media platforms to be added soon such as Tiktok, LinkedIn, VK, Skype, Twitter, Telegram and Zoom.

Here are the details you can get from using IPLocate.social

✔️ Full IP Address details ipv4 and ipv6

✔️ The host country location

✔️ The host city location

✔️ The host region

✔️ The host country code

How accurate is our tool

This tool is pretty accurate. Country is at almost 100% accuracy. Please allow 100 miles radius difference.


finally located the usre who fcking scammed MEEE!!!

by Scammed at 14:23pm, 1 day ago

Works! Locating my husbands current location while his on a business trip!

by user at 14:23pm, 1 day ago

finally! a working instagram ip puller. Been looking for this for ages!

by user at 14:23pm, 5 days ago

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure this thing is illigal.!

Thanks anyways, this is pretty useful.

by user at 14:23pm, 6 days ago

PERFECTO! Merci amigo

by user at 14:23pm, 15 days ago

It only shows the country and region!!! I need the CITY details please.

thanks by the way

by user at 14:23pm, 20 days ago

You should sell this service instead of offering it for FREE.. that's crazy.

by user at 14:23pm, 30 days ago


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